Our Rooms

To create everything in our image we have studied and imagined, as well as, firsthand, planed, cut, sanded, glued, every detail of the house.

Café Quinson Les Chambres

We have created six bedrooms, to offer our guests a complete service. We continue family’s tradition of hospitatlity and winemaking:one hectare of vineyard in the little village of Morgex.
 divided into several parcels whose names in Patois, our local language, inspired those of the rooms.

To each of our bedroom has been attributed the name of one vineyard and it contains the most important characteristics of the agricultural work. Wood and stone underline, as well as provide the aesthetic value, the strong bond with the vineyard.
Every detail of our building has been designed with precision and accuracy. The bedrooms are divided into two areas, just like our vineyards. Actually, in the first hallway, the southern side, you'll find two of them: Laruie and Granclou; while in the north side there will be four more: Poiette, Peutache, Tramejon and Lolihe.

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At the feet of the Mont Blanc, in Aosta Valley, a few steps away from Courmayeur and La Thuile, a little gem appears in the very heart of the cozy village of Morgex. The café Quinson – Restaurant de Montagne unexpectedly appears to its guests in an ancient house of the 17 th century, where the typical mixture of wood and stone creates a welcoming, warm and familiar alpine ambiance.