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Café Quinson -  Restaurant de Montagne


At the feet of the Mont Blanc, in Aosta Valley, a few steps away from Courmayeur and La Thuile, a little gem appears in the very heart of the cozy village of Morgex. The café Quinson – Restaurant de Montagne unexpectedly appears to its guests in an ancient house of the 17 th century, where the typical mixture of wood and stone creates a welcoming, warm and familiar alpine ambiance.

Our chef Agostino Buillas, with Anna and Elena Quinson, will know how to capture you through his passion for tradition and love for delicate and genuine products, which he interprets with creativity and innovation.

His cuisine experiments new savours, daring combinations, innovative techniques, without leaving out typical terroir recipes, wisely re-edited, using local beef and cured meat, freshwater fish, cheeses, as well as products from his personal vegetable garden.

The gastronomic experience at the Café Quinson- Restaurant de Montagne is enriched by a wide selection from the best etiquettes of wines and spirits from vineyards all over the world.

In Morgex there is a local restaurant which touched me. It is in the tiny square of the village: Café Quinson, synonym of a warm welcome. Seating for twenty, surrounded by nude stone and antique wood[…] it was some time that I didn’t appreciate such a taste for hospitality and such a perfect menu.
(La Stampa - dolce e salato P. Massobrio)  




The Café Quinson Restaurant is at the heart of Aosta Valley, on the way to Pré Saint Didier Spa and Courmayeur.

Café Quinson
Piazza Principe Tomaso 10
11017 Morgex AO

Phone: +39 0165 809499

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Siamo temporaneamente chiusi a seguito di uno sfortunato incendio divampato il 7 luglio 2018. I danni maggiori si sono verificati nella nuova realtà di affittacamere prossima all' inaugurazione. Esprimiamo il nostro ringraziamento ai servizi di emergenza così come a tutti coloro che ci sono stati vicini in questo triste momento. Vi forniremo aggiornamenti sulla riapertura. Seguiteci su Facebook. Con affetto Agostino, Elena e Anna